This page is for troubleshooting achievements.

Achievement RequirementsEdit

  • Achievements must be unlocked in single player without mods. The following also applies:
  • Achievements require a Steam version of Civilization V (The Mac Campaign Edition does not work with these achievements). They may be earned on PC or Mac.
  • Achievements do not work when mods are enabled. To unlock or progress in an achievement, you must play without mods.

Some achievements may work in multiplayer, however I am having trouble verifying this. Last Man Standing requires multiplayer. Some achievements are reported to work in Hot Seat mode.

  • In Internet play, I have verified that counting achievements such as The Appian Way do not work.
  • Achievements not listed in the Base Game (Vanilla) section require either DLC or Gods and Kings to unlock.
  • Many achievements require a specific scenario to unlock. This are not always listed as requiring this, which is the cause of a lot of confusion.
  • Using FireTuner in the SDK to edit your game will disable achievements.


The above rules have exceptions. Last Man Standing will only unlock in multiplayer. Expansionist and Experimenter require the use of mods.


  • Ensure that Steam is online.
  • Make sure all mods are disabled.
  • Check the guide description of each achievement and see if there are special rules.

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